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oh alcohol would you please forgive me while i can not love myself

i'll be someone else...

bartender...pass me another
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Here at the lushes, we like to drink. This may be socially drinking, binge drinking or even...alcoholism. Know your limits though, we practice safe lushism here.

We drink everything from bacardi 151 to budweiser, miller to michelob, schnapps to smirnoff ice, mikes hard whatever to martini's and then some.

we are the people who take advantage of tequilla tuesdays, wasted wednesdays, thirsty thursdays and of course who can forget those friday and saturday night drinking nights, we love asshole, behruit, beer pong and then some. We like bars, Montreal is our friend and of course that cheap ass beer that no one likes but everyone drinks.

We party hard, drink alone, and have the wine with the family, yet we may hug the toilet bowl, say things we shouldn't or even wake up next to the ugliest stranger alive.

This my friend is the practice of Lushism. And we are the_lushes

I am your friendly maintainer and moderator senator_hydie

when making your first post: be sure to tell us a lil about yourself. Your favorite drink, where you go to drink, etc..etc..

here we can:
-share recipes
-share stories
-share party themes
-share other alcohol related stuff.
-drunken posts

we can not
-ask for codes
-post off topic.
-start flame wars.

all in all...have fun. And while you're at it...have another!