Erik (35mmhalide) wrote in the_lushes,

Body Shots!

Well hello fellows of my own kind! I didn't feel like going to work today because of this totally wasted heavy head of mine. But I had so much fun the other night. You see, I went to to my favorite local hang out place with my cousin. We were seated at the bar, I was drinking my favorite warm up drink which is scotch. Then in the middle of our casual conversation, two hot chicks sat beside our bar stools who then asked for a couple of tequila shots from the bartender. They were staring at us like they were up to something. We both flashed our warm smiles and greeted them hello. Then we started talking and exchanging names and a few background details to one another. We bought them four more rounds and then the fun started right there. Lemons and salt were all set... So we had a body shot feast that night at the bar and spent the rest of the remaining hours in our apartment... still enjoying several body shots with the girls! Wow...I need an aspirin...
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